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Digital Video Recorders

Remote access software for viewing and playback.

VDR Range




VDR-3 Series

VDR-4 Series


VDR-3 Series Multiview Software

VDR-4 Series Multiview Software


CD Playback Software

Network Interface Software


ViconNet versions are not generally compatible with each other so please ensure that you download the correct version. To install or upgrade you will require a license. Please contact Sales for more information.

Version 2 for Kollectors & Workstations

ViconNet v2.18d

PTZ Drivers (908)

DVD Drivers 1.3

Nucleus Reset Tool

Version 3 for Kollectors & Workstations

ViconNet v3.2C

PTZ Drivers (910)

DVD Drivers 1.4

DVD Drivers 1.5

Media Writer 4

VN(V3) Setup

Version 4 for Kollectors & Workstations

ViconNet v4.0

PTZ Drivers (914)

DVD Drivers 1.6

Version 4 IP Upgrade

Version 5 for Kollectors & Workstations

ViconNet v5.6d

PTZ Drivers (920)

Version 5 IP Upgrade

VN Setup (345)

Widescreen Fonts

DVD Drivers 1.6

Version 6

ViconNet Version 6.7

ViconNet Web & Mobile Server Version 6.6
ViconNet Version 6.6 is for standalone web servers. It allows for support of Vicon Mobile, a free app to view video on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

ViconNet Virtual Matrix Display Controller Version 6.6
Version 6.6 of ViconNet VMDC software.

Kollector (KOL3000-9000 & 1200 series)

Software for the original version of the Kollector with the integral mouse drawer.

Simple Viewer

Remote Agent